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Scene - Shut Up And Communicate

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Feature Film

Body Language


When it came to communicating with her lovers, Olivia was an expert. And it was all due to her ex... He was such a 'good boyfriend' that he would go down on her for hours. It sounds great except it never turned her on the way she knew it could. She wanted to tell him that it wasn’t the length of time he spent down there, it was the moves that he made, but her attempts to talk were met with defensiveness. Then she realised that actions can speak louder than words. Changing position to sit on her partner's face she easily shows him what she really likes, while he loves her display of confidence. Both of them thoroughly turned on, they fuck madly, reaching new heights of pleasure. All without saying a word.



Comments From The Audience

Esluna is true breath taking ???

1 year ago

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