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Feature Film

Match Mates


In this Joybear Organic sex scene, Liselle sets up her pornstar friend Marcel with a girl he has always wanted to work with Alexa. Liselle get the pair together in a bar, where they hit it off. When the are back inside, they play a few games, and Liselle directs Alexa to lick Marcel´s abs, and the couple slowly get undressed as they rub and lick each other´s bodies. Alexa gives Marcel a blow job, while he sits on the sofa as Liselle films them both. Marcel kisses up Alexa´s inner thigh, taking it slow until he reaches her clit and then he works his tongue and uses his fingers, while Alexa enjoys the attention. Marcel fucks Alexa on the sofa, and the couple move into girl on top position. Liselle directs the couple to change to doggy position on the sofa, and she moves the camera so she has Alexa´s point of view. The couple continue to fuck on the sofa, until Marcel cums over Alexa´s gorgeous breasts.


Comments From The Audience

Great sex scene
More Interracial

2 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it Jgundo!

1 year ago

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