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Feature Film

Ball Control


Eva is tired of feeling underappreciated. As a woman in football, the other professionals don’t take her seriously - they all just tell her to ‘get her tits out’. Over a glass or two of wine, Eva spills her troubles to her friend Scarlett, a women’s football coach. Cuddled on the sofa, the girls get closer and gentle foot rub soon turns into passionate kissing and incredible girl-on-girl action. As the two women explore each other’s bodies, they lick each other’s pussies before bringing themselves to orgasm together. Sweaty and breathless, Eva is delighted to be offered an exciting new job by Scarlett. Perhaps joining an all-girl team was exactly what she needed...

Comments From The Audience

horny and pulsating, i didn't know who would come first

2 years ago

At JoyBear we just like to make sure that everyone is having fun so the order of events isn't so important ;) Also, when it comes to sex, I like to think of it as a delicious cake and orgasm as the cherry on top... Even without the cherry that cake is still seriously good ;)

2 years ago

There is too much pausing in the movie, which is a bit annoying. Is all the movies are like that, if so this a problem.

2 years ago

Hi nordon1970, I think we have a really great variety of scenes with different paces so I am sure you will find plenty of things to enjoy :) Perhaps check out Living the Dream from Confessions of a Sound Girl :)

2 years ago

Yeah there are a number of weird hard cuts in the footage of this and I've seen that in others too. She'll be moaning and then an immediate cut and they're kissing. Why is it cut up that way?

1 year ago

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