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Housemates 4


JoJo (Jane Jones) was at the clinic because she had lost her hearing, but that hadn’t lessened her desires - in fact, she was hornier than ever. Her main problem was, she wasn’t sure exactly how loud she got when she was having fun…so she thought it was just easier to stay in her room and masturbate privately. Her girlfriend Kayla (Kali Sudhra), though, definitely knew how to be supportive - taking JoJo outside to a cabana shaded by palm trees, Kayla goes down on her until JoJo’s moans echo throughout the lush outdoors. Overcome with desire, JoJo returns the favor by taking over and playing with Kayla’s clit, then fingering her, and eventually fucking her with her entire hand. Kayla then takes over, fucking her girlfriend with her fingers while sucking on her breasts, the sounds of JoJo’s wetness now almost louder than her moans, until she cums all over Kayla’s hand. The couple engage in deep, sensual kissing all over each other’s bodies, JoJo eventually positioning her girlfriend on her hands and knees as she hand-fucks Kayla deeply again. The couple then sit facing each other, staring into each other’s eyes as they finger each other to orgasm. It’s almost as if JoJo can hear her girlfriend whisper “I love you,” as they interlock their legs and shower each other with kisses in the tropical cabana, definitely no longer worried about what other people may hear.



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