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Sex With Friends


It’s been ten years since they’ve seen each other, so between them Paloma and Kai have organised a reunion for their friends - but deep down, Paloma just can’t wait to get Kai alone. Spending an afternoon together before the rest of the group arrives, the pair enjoy playing in the pool, and it’s not long before the old flames are kissing. Lying down in the shade of an orange tree, Paloma is finally where she’s wanted to be for years: naked, rocking back and forth over Kai’s cock. Sensing she’s close, Kai gains momentum and thrusts into Paloma until she cries out in climax. The genuine passion and fierce intensity in this scene is what makes it so deliciously satisfying when Kai finally loses control...



Comments From The Audience

Kali is gorgeous !!!!

1 year ago

Thanks nic232! We kinda agree :)

(Once logged in) just search 'Kali' to see all her scenes!

1 year ago

Is this a sort of director's cut of the existing "Sex With Friends" Feature?

1 year ago

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