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Scene - Have a Little Patience

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Housemates 4


Nina (Nat Portnoy) was definitely doing better, but seeing all of the other patients having so much fun fucking each other made her wish she had a bit of her own sexual healing. Her therapist Mas (Sam Bourne) was not only good at his job, but sexy as hell, and the closer they got in their therapy sessions, the more Nina wanted to fuck him. She would try to flirt with him, but he wasn’t having it at first. Eventually, during a session on her bed, Nina makes a more aggressive move, and Mas gives in, shifting from massaging Nina’s knee moved to massaging her pussy…and when Nina removes her shorts, he goes all in, licking and sucking her pussy as she gets into an impressive backbend. Moving back down to the bed, Nina then flips positions and lays Mas on the bed, removing his clothes quickly so she can straddle him, moving up so he can eat her pussy from below, face sitting and queening until she is satisfied. After some light wrestling for dominance, Nina wins again, getting back on top for a sixty-nine, Mas sucking on her wet pussy as Nina licks, sucks, and strokes his hard cock. Therapist becomes patient as Nina moves Mas into her wheelchair and gives him head and a double-handed handjob; then, kissing him sensually, she moves back onto the bed and motions for him to enter her. As Mas accepts his new role as sexual therapist, kissing and caressing Nina’s body, he fucks her slowly at first and increases the intensity as Nina’s moans get louder. They move into doggystyle, Mas thrusting into her as she continues to moan, until she insists she gets on top. She instructs him to squeeze her ass as she rides him, and when he flips her over to fuck her, she plays with her clit until he cums all over her stomach. Ever the proper therapist, Mas helps Nina finish by licking her clit until the sounds of her own orgasm fill the room. The pair kiss and cuddle, and no one is sure if Nina will ever leave this luxury clinic, where sex seems to be a popular modality for enhanced healing, both physically and mentally.



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