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Scene - Dirty Girl

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Feature Film

The Strangers


Ryleigh (Belle O'Hara) has lived in the city for many years with her trader husband, Michael (Marcus London) but on her return to Hampton Hall to look after her sisters, Ryleigh has struggled to fit back in with the countryside lifestyle. When The Strangers arrived, everything seemed to slot into place. All it took was for Moonchild (Esluna Love) and Cutler (Curved Marvin) to help her loosen up and the perfect way to do this was to start a muddy playfight! While this exuberant trio are outside getting messy, Michael is getting ready to head back into the city. He heads outside to say goodbye to Ryleigh who immediately covers her straight-laced beau in muddy handprints! Her newfound playful nature is a massive turn-on for Michael and as they head into the conservatory, they kiss like never before! Ryleigh drops to her knees and sucks Michael's cock before taking a deep and hard doggystyle fucking. Changing positions, Michael thrusts into Ryleigh's pussy until he can't hold it any longer and cums all over her trimmed pussy.



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